The Orlando International Christian Church is a certified  501(c)(3)  which means when you give us a donation it is considered a Tax-deductible contribution.

You also help us in much greater ways:

  • We are able to afford having select church members with great passion take a Full-Time position in the ministry where they are trained to be great leaders for God and crucial pillars of our churches nationwide
  • We are able to send out and take in leaders, interns, and the like whether it be for additional training or to strengthen churches
  • We are able to plant both national and international churches in order to make disciples of all nations as the Bible commands us to do

There are many reasons to donate to our church that go well beyond the scope of this small web page, when you choose to donate all we ask is you do so with a generous heart.

Thank you!



Paypal Processing Fees

Donations through Paypal have a processing fee that gets charged after you donate, if you would like to take care of the processing fee portion of your donation you can either follow this link to a free calculator or take your (Donation x 2.9% + 0.30) to see how much the fee is and add that to your total donation amount.